Pre Order Policy

  • Pre-order or pre-released items are subject to manufacturers actual release date/s.
  • Delays and product cancellations from manufacturers are beyond our control. By pre-ordering an item, you have agreed to patiently wait until the actual release date of your order. Again, any further delays are beyond our control.
  • All pre-order prices are only applicable until the pre-ordering deadline as shown on the pre-order offer.
  • ETA (estimated time of arrival) is for reference only, actual arrival date/s may be late/early.
  • Stocks may arrived in different batches, we will prioritize customers who can pick up/pay their orders on time or by first come, first served basis.
  • Some pre-order items are subject to allocation, in an event of stock shortage, customers who placed their deposits first will be prioritized, deposits will be refunded to those who didn’t make the allocation.