• We have a fixed schedule of shipment every Wednesday of the week. In some cases, if the orders exceeds our quota, we may continue to ship out all paid orders until Friday of the same week.
  • We only use JRS for our local shipment, it may take 2-3 days for the shipment to be delivered to your address, you may check JRS's website to learn more about this. For international shipment, we are using Philpost/EMS and DHL..
  • Shipping fee is an additional charge and should be shouldered by the customer.
  • Shipping fee depends on the box size of your item, we will only be able to provide cost estimates, any discrepancies will be added/less on your next shipment.
  • We accept no liability and responsibility for any damages, delays and lost shipments as these are beyond our control. Should any of these problems arise, rest assured that as part of our after sales service we will assist you with the tracking and follow ups with the courier company.