Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply when you order an item from HOBBY KORNER. By placing an order, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions so please read them carefully before submitting your order.


  • Pre-order or pre-released items are subject to manufacturers actual release date/s.
  • Delays and product cancellations from manufacturers are beyond our control.
  • By pre-ordering an item, you have agreed to patiently wait until the actual release date of your order. Again, any further delays are beyond our control.
  • All pre-order prices are only applicable until the pre-ordering deadline as shown on the pre-order offer.
  • Pre-order deadlines may close early or extended depends on the allocation of slots or suppliers /manufacturers discretion.
  • ETA (estimated time of arrival) is for reference only, actual arrival date/s may be late/early.
  • Stocks may arrived in different batches, we will prioritize customers who can pick up/pay their orders on time or by first come, first served basis.
  • Some pre-order items are subject to allocation, in an event of stock shortage, customers who placed their deposits first will be prioritized, deposits will be refunded to those who didn’t make the allocation.
  • Pre-order items typically arrives 2-3 weeks upon release or upon arrival of our walk-in stocks, by doing this, customers will have an idea when to settle their balance and when their order will arrive.
  • Lastly, WE DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THE WORD DIBS on our pre-orders or anything posted on our Facebook page.


  • All pre-order deposits are non refundable/transferable unless the product is cancelled by the manufacturer.
  • Cancellation of pre-order is subject to forfeiture of your deposit.
  • If you pre-ordered / ordered thru our website, kindly send your proof of deposit / payment of any kind to this email address - banktransfer.hobbykorner@gmail.com.
  • If you ordered thru our Facebook Group / Page, Store Branches without using our Website, your order will be placed under "MANUAL ORDER". Meaning, we will manually list down your order, hence the word "Manual". You do not need to send your proof of deposit to our email. If you ordered thru our FB Page/ Group, send it to our FB page. If you ordered thru our stores, you will be given a receipt as a proof of your order..
  • Allow us 24-48 hours to confirm your deposit. Weekends are not included.
  • In an event of stock shortage, your deposit will be refunded if you didn’t make the allocation.
  • Allow us 7-14 days to process your refund or you may claim it thru our shop.


  • For website orders, an email will be sent to you about the details on when your order will arrive, you may also check your Website Dashboard under My Account to check for updates.
  • If you ordered thru our Facebook Group/Page manually, you will receive a notification tag on when your order will arrive.
  • If you pre-ordered thru our store, allow us 1-2 days to notify you thru SMS on the phone number that you have provided (applicable for those first time to place an order from us).
  • Pre-order balance must be settled upon store pick up or bank transfer.
  • We do not accept cash on delivery (COD) or any similar type of payments.
  • All Pre-order items must be claimed/picked-up within 7 days upon arrival.
  • WE STRICTLY DO NOT ALLOW STORAGE or by any means hold your item til your other order arrives, this beat the purpose of pre-order arrival.
  • Late pick-ups are subject to 10% additional charge per week based on the pre-order price of your item.
  • Deposit of unclaimed items for more than 4 weeks upon arrival will be forfeited.
  • Fully paid items are subject to forfeiture for more than 6-8 weeks of storage.
  • We regularly ship some items via AIR shipment so we will have some stocks ready for walk-in customers only, pre-order items usually may take 2-3 weeks to arrive upon its official release.


  • You have 7-14 days to report any defects on your item upon receiving your order.
  • Mishandled and human error will not be accepted for request.
  • Box and paint imperfections are beyond our control. We won't allow replacement or exchange for this matter.
  • If there are missing parts or defective parts on your item, we will try to ask for “replacement part only” to our supplier. This may take some time to process the requested part, so a little patience is required until we get the replacement.
  • NO AFTER SALE SERVICE for factory stock, clearance, special, and discounted price items.
  • On hand and in stock items are non-refundable upon purchase. Before leaving the store, make sure you checked and opened the item so we could examine if there are defects or missing part. Upon leaving the store, we are confident that the item is in good condition whether it was opened or not and that you are happy with what you have purchased.


  • Greenhills Branch - 3rd Floor, Unit S-3158, Shoppesville GSC, San Juan, MM (before you enter Shoppesville Plus. (0947-183-0608)
  • Pampanga Head Office - 655 San Martin Street, Barangay Sto. Domingo, Angeles City, Pampanga. (0945-875-5850) (045-963-3844)
  • Grab Express / Lalamove - you need to arrange the booking and you must advise the pickup person to come upstairs to get your item in our store.


  • We have a fixed schedule of shipment every Wednesday of the week. In some cases, if the orders exceeds our quota, we may continue to ship out all paid orders until Friday of the same week.
  • We only use JRS for our local shipment, it may take 2-3 days for the shipment to be delivered to your address, you may check JRS's website to learn more about this. For international shipment, we are using Philpost/EMS and DHL.
  • Shipping fee is an additional charge and should be shouldered by the customer.
  • Shipping fee depends on the box size of your item, we will only be able to provide cost estimates, any discrepancies will be added/less on your next shipment.
  • We accept no liability and responsibility for any damages, delays and lost shipments as these are beyond our control. Should any of these problems arise, rest assured that as part of our after sales service we will assist you with the tracking and follow ups with the courier company. Thank you,

PS. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions you may choose not to order from us and we wish you the best of luck. ENJOY and HAPPY KOLLECTING